Saari drums are handmade in Finland
Saari drums were born after 10 years of product development. The uniqueness of these drums is based on the knowledge and craftsmanship of their developer, carpenter and drummer Hannu Saari. In his craft, knowledge of the materials and work processes are essential in reaching the best possible results in acoustic drum making.

Finnish know-how
The materials are thoroughly examined before processing. Their behavior is tracked all the way through the various stages of production and only perfectly qualified parts are passed on and assembled into a drum. The required special tools are designed and made by developer himself. This ensures perfect bonds and compatibility of individual parts. Chosen glues and colour substances used are all nature friendly.

Saari drums are built to fulfill your wishes

These drums are handcrafted to fulfill your wishes. Essential feature of Saari drums, the sound, is hefty on all dynamic levels due to their thin shells. Thin shell construction also makes these instruments easy to handle and move around. With the right choice of drumheads and tuning, Saari drums will fit into any musical style and situation.

Their sound is big and warm

Saari drums have plenty of sustain and like a quality loudspeaker, every individual part react and ignite into sound also on a very low volume. Even when played with brushes, the sound of the kit stays well balanced.

Size of the bass drums is important

Choose the size to perfectly match the needs of your musical style and your world of sound. With Saari drums, by the choice of drumheads and playing technique, you can even use a 26” bass drum in full control and balance. With a sound to satisfy your dancehall sound engineer! The size and depth of Saari bass drum is for you to decide. The shell is made of 4-ply birch veneer and it has the thickness of 5,5mm. Additional options include various styles of legs and the side hole (for air to move out faster and for miking situations).

Saari snare drums are versatile

With the choice of optimal material, size and depth, you can be sure to achieve the sound of your wishes with Saari snare drum. These shells are made of 3-ply birch and their thickness is 3,6mm. With your choice of snare throw-off, snares and drumheads, you are likely to get very close of the perfect snare drum sound. Saari snare drum can be made of natural birchwood or thermally modified birch. Drums made of thermally modified birch have more depth and low-end in their sound, without losing clarity and sustain.

Tom-toms as they should sound

The shell is made of 3-ply birch veneer and it has the thickness of 3,6mm. You can choose the sizes and depths exactly as you wish. The tuning screws are a remarkable detail in Saari drums. With allen bolt with dense centimeter thread your tuning experience gains that extra sensitivity and preciseness needed… Many options in bearing edges, mounting systems and choices of legs are available. The manufacturer is happy to answer your questions.

The wooden hoops are all handmade

Every hoop is made with love and care. In snare drum, the wooden hoop gives variety of tone options for cross-stick and rimshot strokes. In toms these hoops will provide you with that subtle sound of birch. When carefully tuned, a drum with wooden hoops will grant its tuner with perfect sound. Lacquer in these hoops is road worthy, with capability to take even the the hardest of hits.

The snare bed is essential factor

You can choose the width of the snare bed of your snare drum. This is essential factor in how your snare drum will sound with snare wires. This choice is preferred to be made to match with the qualities of your preferred snare wires. If the wires are not in accord with the snare bed, this will easily make the drum dysfunctional. Saari drums will be glad to provide you the information you need in fulfilling your optimal snare drum sound.

Every lug is handmade

Lugs in Saari drums are original in their design. They are made of carefully chosen dense stem wood and they resonate with the shell. Hence their 1-piece solid wood structure, the shell of the drum will remain free of external tension. Both the lug and the hoop are designed to float on top of the shell. These lugs can be delivered either in colour or in natural birch tone.

There are plenty of colour options for Saari drums

You can also choose the colour for your wooden hoops. The finishes for Saari drums are made with wood toner oil and wax.

No man is an island, but every drum should be Saari!